Josh Schonblum

Post Production | Assistant Editing | Graphics | Tech



The Promise (Löftet)

2021 | Experimental Video

Assistant Editing and Online for background video for the Royal Swedish Opera.


2021 | Short Feature

Data Management, and Assistant Editing for rural short film.

In a Violent Nature

2021 | Indie Horror Feature

Data Management, and Assistant Editing for indie horror feature.

New World Beat

2021 | Documentary Music Series

Data Management, Post Pipeline Design and Assistant Editing for documentary music series.

Dreams in Vantablack

2021 | Animated Docuart Series

Post Production Pipeline Design and Post Production Supervision for animated poetry shorts series.

Matt and Bird Break Loose

2021 | Animated TV Series

Post Production Supervision, VFX, Title Design and Assistant Editing for animated television series.

DoorDash Commercials

2021 | Commercials

Data Management for door dash commercials.

Miss Persona

2020 | TV Series

Post Production Supervision, Colour Correction, VFX and Assistant Editing for children's television series.

Beauty Master Class

2020 | Social Media Ads

Assistant Editing, Image Upscaling and Deliverables for online Beauty & Makeup courses.

George C.

2020 | Commercial/Short

Assistant Editing, Colour Correction and Roto for Toronto fashion commercial/short film.

McDonald's Ray Kroc Awards 2020

2020 | Promo Video

Assistant Editing, Colour Correction and Online for internal promo awards video.

The Last Tourist

2020 | Documentary Feature

Assistant Editing, Image Upscaling and Online for documentary film about tourism.


2020 | Documentary Feature

Assistant Editing and Online for documentary film about Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The 6th Line

2020 | Fiction Short

Title Design and Deliverables for indie drama film.

Psycho Goreman

2019-2020 | Feature Film

Post Production Supervisor, Assistant Editing, Title Design, VFX and Data Management for indie horror film.


2019 | Short Film

End Credit Title Design for indie short film.

TSN Uber Eats

2019 | Commercial

Data Management Technician for Sports Network Uber Eats Commercial.

Wood Between Worlds

2019 | Video Installation

Design, Editing, Tech and Recording for Video art installation for TD Bank.


2019 | Experimental Documentary

Assistant Editing for experimental documentary on Stasi Prison.

Of Birds and Such

2019 | Photography Installation

Image Editing for photography installation for Edmonton bus shelters.

Run This Town

2018 | Feature Film

Opening Credits and Graphics for feature film about Rob Ford.

Weather Patterns

2018 | Video Projection Installation

3D Rendering, Video Editing, Sound Mixing and On-Site Tech for video, fabric and sound art installation during Paris Design Week 2018.

Aboriginal Day Live

2018 | Live Broadcast

Data Management Technician for concert visualisations.


2018 | Feature Film

Data Management Technician and Assistant Editing for feature film.

London Southwest

2018 | Art Installation

3D Rendering for large format photography and sculpture installation.

Coming of Age

2018 | Experimental Documentary

Graphics for experimental documentary.


2018 | Video Game Music Video

Design, Programming, Photoshop and Tech for online video game music video.

Hanging Gardens

2018-Ongoing | Video Installation

Project Management and FX for video installation which is part of the Lawrence Heights redevelopment project.

Cult Kids

2017 | Music Video

Motion Graphics and FX for Brave Shores Music Video.

Daniels High Park Promo

2016 | Promo Video

Directing and Editing for promo video of a Daniels Group building art installation.

Zero Hour

2015 | Geodesic Dome Video Installation

Project Management, Editing, 3D Rendering and Tech for Nuit Blanche dome video installation.

Nirvanna the Band the Show

2015-2017 | TV Series

Assistant Editing, Title Design, Data Management and Tech for comedy television series on VICELAND.

What Would Chahine Do?

2015 | Video Short

Editing and Motion Graphics for Egyptian political video.

The Moblees Promo

2014 | Video Promo

Data Management and Editing for children's television promo.

Hot Tonight

2014 | Music Video

Animation for Tokyo Police Club music video.

Drone Wedding

2014 | Video Installation

Editing and FX for 8 screen installation at Ryerson Image Center.

Operation Avalanche

2014 | Feature Film

Data Management for feature film.

The Dialogues

2014 | Art Shorts

Motion Graphics for series of kinetic typography installations for Toronto Urban Film Festival and IFFR.

What Isn't There

2014 | Video Installation

Assistant Editing and Deliverables for 4 screen, outdoor documentary installation.

You Can Sleep While I Drive

2014 | Music Video

Editing for music video.

End of Days Inc.

2013 | Feature Film

Data Management for feature film.

We Are All Animals

2013-2015 | Dynamic Video Installation

Project Management, Scene Design and Tech for dynamic video art installation at a High Park Condo, built in Unity.

The Dirties

2012 | Feature Film

Closing credits, Title Design and Graphics for feature film.

My House Your Money

2011-2012 | TV Series

Data Management for Cineflix series.